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Company strength

32 invention patents in the world, software copyright 166 items, 197 utility model

patents, jitc & certificationcompanies ISO9001 quality management system and

ISO14000  management system of environmental certification enterprises.product

certification, CE certification 39 item, TUV certification 38, energy star certification

in 2 item , 32 CUL certification,CUL certification 32 item.Independent APP, intelligent

hardware, embedded software , connecting Amazon、homekit those main smart

platform,Open source system, one-stop hardware and software Services.


  • 2019-06-25


Contact: MS Zhao

Phone: +86-755-66632166

Tel: +86-755-66632166

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Add: 7th Building,West of Furong Industrial park,shajing town, District,Shenzhen City,China

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